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Written and Illustrated by
B. R. Snyder

It's Fun to be Prepared!

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Coming this Fall
All new novel from B. R. Snyder

The Curse of the Sultan's Treasure

First book in the new adventure series

Edward Venture - Treasure Hunter

Aventure/Fantasy Books by Byron Snyder Author's Page
Compiled by
Byron Snyder
by B. R. Snyder by B. R. Snyder

Cookin's No Joke

I have always thought that there
should be more humor in
the kitchen. This is not only a great
guide for cooking over a hot grill
or stove but it is a relaxing way
to giggle and laugh while waiting
for the timer to go off. All jokes
are rated "G"!
So dish up some laughter and
cook up a storm when you use...


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The Devil Witch

The Devil Witch is the first
chronicle from B. R. Snyder's
Tales from the Kingdom of
Imm series. His Imm Tales
are known for their Imagination
and Mischievious Magic.

He conjures up fantasy with
fairytales mixed with the
human spirit and throws in
a little good versus evil to
the storyline which usually
leads to a classic tale of fun
and adventure in the
Kingdom of Imm.

The Princess and The Troll

The Princess and The Troll
is the second chronicle
from B. R. Snyder's Tales
from the Kingdom of Imm

His Imm tales are known
for their Imagination and
Mischievous Magic. They
combine fantasy, fairytales
along with the human spirit
that pits good against evil
which eventually leads to
a happy ending. Yet things
never seem to be what
they always start out to be,
especially in the
Kingdom of Imm.

Children's Books

Wish Stealer

Illustrated chapter book recommended for elementary age children. A boy’s life spins out of control with a single fateful act that sets in motion a series of events that will end in a dangerous and exciting climax. A challenging read for youngsters, it bridges the gap between chapter and picture books. Paperback book fits into a keepsake hardcover slipcase.

By Barbara Kolberg

Our Disney Collection

Disneyland Hotel
1954 - 1988
( Hardbound)

How do you build a hotel that, in its way, creates the same joy as Disneyland® – that sets the stage for a visit to the Magic Kingdom and sustains the happy mood when that visit is over?

These are some of the problems which confronted Jack Wrather when he sat down with members of his staff to plan the official hotel at Disneyland®.

by Donald W. Ballard