Written by Byron Snyder and James Silver
the sci-fi horror screenplay

VEGETATION is a registered motion picture script that combines the feel and look of the movie “Alien” with the movie, “Little Shop of Horrors” along with the flavor of “Towering Inferno.” I wanted to make a sci-fi horror script set in contemporary times with an unconventional monster that terrorized a metropolitan city. I came up with VEGETATION a story about an alien seed that travels millions of miles through space and ends up embedded in the ground next to a tree located just outside the Pyramid Building in the financial district of San Francisco. The seed then sprouts into a terrifying plant-like monster that turns the tree into living and killing giant plant that eventually takes over the Pyramid Building.


The story involves several colorful earthling characters including Steven and Alison Caldwell, newly separated due to Steven’s job at a high profiled advertising agency located in the Pyramid Building. Steven finds himself a hero who is trapped in the building as he tries to save his fellow workers and the people cornered by the monster plant.

Alison’s career as a botanist at the Hall of Flowers is not as glamorous, yet she finds herself as the key player in the fight to stop the alien plant from taking over San Francisco.

Stewart Handleman is Alison’s assistant and secretly in love with her. Stewart though sees an opportunity to sabotage Steven’s efforts of getting out of the building alive.

Jim “The Tank” Collins adds color and humor to the story as the city’s most famous Tree Surgeon. Tank and his army of landscapers make several unsuccessful comedic attempts to stop the plant from taking over San Francisco. Yet it is “Tank” to the rescue that helps fight off the plant’s vicious attack on the people held hostage in the building.

Finally, teamwork and a simple discovery of an unusual alien toxin leaves the plant immobile and saves the city from being devoured by its unusual eating habits.

All new script totally revamped and polished available for your review.

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